Innovation Labs

Find new ways of working with innovation labs that accelerate the pace of change with design thinking.

By adopting cloud solutions, teams can work and collaborate anytime anywhere. As a result, there is significant opportunity in all areas of the business to improve workflows, interactions and business operations.

Our Innovation Workshops are designed as open ideas sharing sessions where businesses can become enabled to realise the transformation opportunities from cloud based solutions.

Technology Transformation Benefits

  • Lower TCO and lower Capital Expenditure
  • Google takes care of Technology Refreshes
  • Feature Upgrades are provided automatically and for free
  • Provides platform for rapid development with ability to iterate and scale quickly

Business Transformation Benefits

  • Processes become more agile as users can work from anywhere and any device
  • Enterprise receives productivity and mobility gains
  • Faster customer fulfillment and higher satisfaction
  • Improving Marketing ROI with Digital Marketing Transformations
  • Using Google Search for Knowledge Discovery Benefits

Our Innovation Workshops are designed as open ideas sharing sessions where we can advise on ways to

  • Increase your user adoption of Google Apps and thus collaboration and productivity in the workplace.
  • Improve search & retrieval across your applications and your organisation.
  • Visualize and query your business data
  • Building workflow and productivity applications
  • Innovate and create new ideas
  • Using lightweight, cost-effective, and manageable devices
  • Engage customers with web, mobile & kiosk applications