JST move to The Cloud to reduce IT overheads

The JST Group is an independent group of wholly owned Thai service and supply companies, with over 40 years experience in Thailand and South East Asia...


The JST Group is an independent group of wholly owned Thai service and supply companies, with over 40 years experience in Thailand and South East Asia. JST is a major supplier of technical products & services, providing specialist equipment, services and manpower to the oil & gas, petrochemical, and other industries across the region.

Business Challenges

  • JST were using a local server with Microsoft Exchange 2003 to provide email to 100+ users across offices in Thailand & SE Asia
  • A Bangkok based IT team was tasked with server management and maintenance, as well as end user support
  • Manual server patching was time intensive and software upgrades required costly purchases
  • All employees across the region were connected to a single local server and plagued by poor bandwidth
  • Storing all data on a local server left JST vulnerable to disasters, both natural and man made such as the 2010 & 2011 flooding


“PST files would become corrupted or lost to a disk crash — causing irreparable data loss.”
– Nick Wright, Commercial Manager


  • GoPomelo worked closely with the IT team and top management to customize a deployment plan and schedule
  • Plans were set to provide training for administrators as well as end users
  • Google Groups implemented as a replacement for shared inboxes
  • Executed a well communicated change management plan to encourage top down buy in of G Suite and facilitate a smooth transition
  • Google Drive adopted for real time collaboration in docs and sheets


“Google Apps has been invaluable in the sharing of large files, especially for collaborating on design work, brochures etc. for exhibitions and new products.”
– Iain Cockin, Country Manager

  • G Suite was connected to an existing Active Directory, enabling administrators to automatically provision and update both users and groups within the organization hierarchy
  • Security measures and permission levels were easily configured to ensure there were no data vulnerabilities during or after the transition


The switch to Google Apps has transformed the way JST works, while also providing a higher ROI and lower total cost of ownership when compared to their previous messaging and collaboration system.

  • Google Hangouts connects team members whilst simultaneously reducing phone bills
  • G Suite automatic updates mean the IT team no longer have to worry potential security threats and can enjoy a reduced maintenance burden
  • Remote users can connect from anywhere at anytime by leveraging the reliability and size of the Google data network
  • Company data is more secure than ever from security threats as well as natural and man made disasters

For JST, switching to Google Apps has led to cost savings, improved security, and increased productivity.