Geospatial Apps

The best of Google's Powerful Mapping and GoPomelo Dev for your business

Business intelligence apps with Maps

GoPomelo work with organisations to create engaging web and mobile applications using Google Maps’ powerful mapping platform to incorporate driving directions, Street View imagery and more. The GoPomelo team develop custom map applications to visualize business data as business intelligence tools.

Store locators

The GoPomelo team also develop branch and store locators for banks and other organisations that allow customers to visualize and find locations from within web and native apps.

Mobile Workforce Management (MOWO)


MOWO is a Google Maps based platform built by the GoPomelo team to provide businesses the ability to manage and visualize their mobile workforce in real time. Mobile based with intelligent productivity tools, MOWO has become an essential tool for managing offsite workloads.

Location based productivity

MOWO mobile applications bring together location and productivity data to provide users the freedom to gain productivity and understand where they work best. By bringing together Google Maps APIs and productivity tool data the vision of working from anywhere becomes a reality. Cloud GEO platforms empower you to create beautiful maps for your sites, apps and internal platforms.