Get Workplace by Facebook for your business

Workplace is an internal enterprise communication tool, built on the same platform as Facebook. These features include Groups, News Feeds, Work Chats, Automation with Chat Bots, Multi-company groups, live town hall videos and much more to connect and engage your teams. The important difference in Workplace compared to Facebook is Workplace content can be restricted for employees only.

Workplace provides enterprises with the opportunity to message and collaborate with colleagues in a similar way to how we all collaborate on Facebook today.  Workplace helps to create new communities and improves communication, engagement and communication in enterprises.

GoPomelo, a Facebook partner, helps business evaluate, deploy and be successful on Workplace.  Including full change management services of impact assessments, communication and training.  Our engineers can also support custom integration and development requirements to Workplace users engage with other systems/services for convenience.

Contact us to speak with one of our experts to discover more about how Workplace can help transform your business.

Workplace Features:

  • Groups: showcase excellent teamwork, like, share and comment
  • News Feed: everyone will stay up to date on the things that matter
  • Multi-company groups: improved collaboration between people in and outside your
  • Work Chats: easy and fast communication
  • Live videos: broadcast your message to everyone at the same time
  • Chat Bot Automation: automate tasks and integrate with 3rd party systems to transform the way your users work


Benefits for your company:

  • Personal connection and collaboration: The tools make it easy to communicate instantly from anywhere
  • Reduce change management: almost everyone is familiar with using Facebook for personal matters which drives adoption
  • Flexibility: Supported by a variety of devices (PCs, laptops, phones and tablets)
  • Privacy: Unrelated to personal Facebook accounts
  • Keep your data secure: Workplace uses Facebook’s powerful security systems that protect more than a billion people’s information. Workplace uses Facebook’s tried and tested infrastructure and tools to safeguard your data
  • Drive productivity via automation and breaking down silos

Watch a quick video courtesy of Workplace:

If you are interested in more information on how Workplace can transform your business, please check out our upcoming events or contact us for further information.