CIG uses Google Forms to gather customer feedback


The CI Group is a manufacturer of heat exchangers for air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. They design a variety of coils to meet their customer’s’ needs, including ones for water, cooling and heating. The company has a strong support team that continually invent new products while improving existing products in order to remain up-to-date with market demands.



The CI Group faced the problem of losing paper records and spending too much time on gathering responses from the many customer feedback and market research forms they deploy. This method was inefficient; the CI Group was in need of a system that reduced costs and that provided a simpler method of collecting and analysing data.



Migrated to Google Forms:

  • GoPomelo enhanced technical support and delivered user training to raise awareness of the new system
  • Made recommendations for team transformations
  • GoPomelo managed the deployment process



  • Saves time & paper
  • Staff can access files anytime and anywhere
  • All employees can collaborate in real time to edit files, add comments for feedback and create online discussion forums
  • Files can be accessed from various devices including PC, MAC, iPhone and Android