DWP migrates IT system to G Suite



Design Worldwide Partnership, DWP,  is an international architecture and interior design company. They create exceptional spaces for living, working and communities. At DWP, ‘beauty’ is the essence of everything. DWP is passionate about delivering visionary design solutions in close collaboration with its clients.



The inherent challenges faced by DWP were:

  • Traditional hardware which required a big IT team
  • A large infrastructure of aging machines
  • Looming expensive investments for software and licenses renewal
  • Slow and clunky Microsoft products hindered efficiency  



General solution: migrated from the old IT system to G Suite.

  • DWP acknowledged that the future is cloud
  • Eliminated the need to invest in hardware due to the nature of design company
  • Facilitates collaboration for their staff around the world
  • First they transitioned to GMail which was smooth as it worked fresh out the box
  • They wanted to get off hardware and move to the cloud to initiate a fresh culture change



  • IT costs dropped significantly very quickly
  • Notable improvement to productivity through collaboration
  • Just about done away with phones due to Beam
  • Streamlined online office:

– Work from anywhere.
– More of a workplace than a traditional office space