Agile Development Team.

  • Innovation Workshops

    All our development projects begin with innovation workshops with key stakeholders. These include labs on strategy and transformation, epic & story generation and sprint planning. Attendees are able to generate a roadmap and vision for their application along with an understanding of the agile methodology.

  • Scrum Development

    We work in a scrum development approach, allowing us to release quickly and re-iterate for continual improvement. Our customers get to receive working applications quicker and give feedback to the development team. This approach allows us to identify issues early and respond to change. In agile scrum development, change is zaccepted and expected. The scope of the product and its features are variable, rather than the cost, allowing us to fix budgets.

  • Collaboration & Engagement

    Agile development principles encourage active ‘user’ involvement throughout the product’s development and a very cooperative collaborative approach. The active involvement of a user representative, the high visibility of the product and progress, and the flexibility to change when change is needed, create much better business engagement and satisfaction.

  • Building the right product

    Above all other points, the ability for us to allow development requirements to emerge and evolve, and the ability to embrace change, allow the GoPomelo team build the right product for your users. It’s all too common in more traditional projects to deliver a “successful” project in IT terms and find that the product is not what was expected, needed or hoped for. The emphasis is absolutely on building the right product.

Building at the speed of Google.

GoPomelo X designs, builds and deploys exclusively on the Google Cloud Platform. We are all certified Google Cloud Platform engineers, solution architects, and wizards!

Building all our applications on Google Cloud Platform allows us to develop and deploy at speed. Our team are freed up from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers, and configuring networks. Our innovators innovate and our coders, well, just code.

We’re currently working on.

  • Location Based Productivity

    Application that allows team to discover each other in real time on maps and get better insights into their location based performance.

  • Data Visualisation with Google Maps

    Business intelligence applications on Google Maps.

  • Building Inspection with Google Glass

    Using Google Glass to capture images, video and data when onsite at construction, warehouse or remote facilities.

Our team.



Providing solutions that make significant change to people, process, and culture.

We value ability over anything else. We are driven to find answers and solutions by trying new things. GoPomelo has an open culture and everyone’s opinion matters. We like to have fun at work and play. Our customers come first because they make us who we are.