HR Solutions

MOWO for Mobile Worker Management

MOWO is a workforce management application which enables mobile teams to work effectively from any location. Equal parts desktop management console and mobile application – MOWO keeps managers connected to their mobile workers and much more.


Key Benefits

  • Increase visibility on mobile workers
  • Save on costs associated with inefficient job assignment and reporting
  • Enjoy enhanced productivity from managers and field teams
  • Integrate with payroll, CRM, calendar, and more


MOWO Management Console

The MOWO management console allows managers and dispatchers direct access to their mobile teams from any modern web browser. Key features include:

  • Real time tracking of staff – visualize team member locations
  • Assign jobs on the fly – select a team member and create a job, complete with job critical information, address, and contact information
  • Receive instant job reports – field workers can submit summaries and reports on-site
  • Location history – view a worker’s travel logs for the day


MOWO Mobile Application

With the MOWO mobile application, mobile team members stay connected to managers and dispatchers while receiving instant updates to job assignments on their mobile devices. Key features include:

  • Job management – workers receive instant job information directly on their mobile devices
  • Directions – directions to job locations automatically available with Google Maps integration
  • Submit job reports and notes – workers can complete jobs and submit records and reports from anywhere
  • Alerts – workers receive alerts when new jobs are assigned
  • Privacy – limit location visibility to hours of operation only

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Appogee HR and Leave Solution

Absence Management

The easiest way to improve absence management across your business. Appogee Leave provides a simple way for staff to submit leave requests and managers to approve. Management and HR are able to report on all forms of absence tracking and sickness, whilst planning for time-off and staff attendance.

Empower your managers and employees using our leave tracking system to keep track of their allowance and view others absence through the online team calendar.

Used by 50,000 users worldwide, Appogee Leave is the ideal absence management solution for small and medium enterprises.

Users can access Appogee Leave through both web and mobile with no software to install as the application is 100% cloud based.

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Online HR Management System

Appogee HR is a online HR management system (HRMS) for records and compliance management. Appogee HR stores Employee data, Records and Company Documents such as policies and procedures. Access to data is controlled securely through User, Manager, HR Manager and Admin roles. The service supports Workflow automation through the provision of checklists and an alerting and notification system.

The employee self service functionality means that staff can feel empowered by keeping their own information up to date at all times. Company documents and employee records relating to each individual are stored in the same place to minimise both time and space within the office. Performance reviews, training and more can be logged under records and checklists to make sure that all procedures and policies are adhered to across every team.

The service is highly configurable allowing you to define your own data categories to suit your business and security policies.

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