The revolution of bots taking shape!

Are you part of the revolution? Chatbots is one of the biggest hypes of 2018 and already flagged as one of the major focusses for businesses in 2019 together with Artificial Intelligence. Currently we see that conversational agents (chatbots) are going through the same cycle we saw with apps. Years ago the market was not ready for Chatbots and the technologies were not good enough, but the foundations were in place. The last 2 years we have seen acceleration and development in technologies that enable conversational experiences to happen. Technologies like voice, messaging, analytics, machine learning and big data are just a few examples that will help growing and optimizing the bots going forward.

Kickstart your chatbot with our methodology

Together with our conversational design team we will plan your chatbot strategy and determine use cases how it can improve your company. Our methodology consists of: 

  • Plan and workshop business, technical and user experience deliverables
  • Set Success Criteria and measure performance
  • Ongoing Conversation Engineering
  • Launch quick with prototype bot first. Enhance conversation later

Be part of the visionaries and get your free chatbot discovery workshop with GoPomelo. See why your next employee should be a chatbot which is 24/7 available, gets smarter every time and can handle hundreds of requests simultaneously. Book your session today!

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