Junior Trainer

About GoPomelo:

GoPomelo is one of A-Pac’s leading digital transformation specialists: We partner with the world's largest clouds and lead the industry in cloud based managed services and consultation. All of this means working in a fast paced, fun, dynamic and rewarding environment.

Do you thrive on human interaction and helping other people grow? Do you have an interest in new technology, cloud and AI? Are you a confident speaker in both English and Thai?
Are you a positive and enthusiastic person who wants to bring a piece of sunshine to your engagements with others, both professionally and personally? Can you excel in an environment where elevated standards are the baseline and striving to be best in class is the norm?

We're scouting for a young bright and enthusiastic graduate who wants to be a best-in-class training instructor for some of our biggest platforms and products. Think you have checked all the right boxes so far? Then this is your opportunity to shine.

Whilst training experience will be a very clear and obvious advantage, it is not a deal breaker. Human characteristics like warmth, confidence, diligence and hard work go a long way with us at GoPomelo, and we’re always keen to help our teams learn and grow.

It's all about a relentless pursuit of excellence, a continuous cycle of refinement, and a dedication to content that not only meets but exceeds the bar.

If you're seeking a role where you can blend creativity with technology and where your contributions have a lasting impact, GoPomelo is where you belong. Take the leap and apply now!

What You Will Be Doing

  • Leading or co-hosting platform based training sessions
  • Sessions can be remote, hosted in our Gopomelo studio, or delivered on site at Enterprise sized companies in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia (Business travel may be required)
  • Creating training materials including decks, videos, demos, and more.
  • Hosting live interactive focus group discussions
  • Internal enablement sessions
  • Managing customer satisfaction metrics
  • Change management related activities

Opportunities for growth (short/medium term):

  • You will be working with a team of highly qualified change management and customer success professionals who will be your best friends in terms of professional growth:
    • Use these experiences to grow towards bigger roles: Senior trainer, customer success managers, and change management consultant positions are available to grow into.


  • Host and conduct training sessions across multiple platforms (on site and remote)
  • Collaborate with CM and sales teams to arrange and schedule sessions
  • Gain expert knowledge on at least two SaaS products
  • Take accreditation exam on assigned platforms
  • Create communication and training plan as well as execute delivery
  • Continually assess, document, and analyze customer progress toward stated goals and results; engage regularly with customers via strategic and operational reviews to evaluate needs and strategic direction
  • Manage and maintain customer satisfaction reports
  • Adapt quickly to product changes and limitations, and communicate these strategically to customers
  • Represent and convey GoPomelo’s mission and solution value proposition to audiences ranging from executives to end users.
  • Ensure internal alignment by communicating with wider chang management team


  • Strong communication skills in Thai and English language (both written and verbal)
  • Required skills/ attitude: good presentation skills, proactivity, solution oriented attitude, willingness to learn new technologies,ability to work in a team, focus on added value.
  • Background in delivering training to stakeholders

Accelerators for consideration:

  • A university degree
  • Working Experience in customer facing engagements including presales, training or consultation.
  • Working experience in change management
  • Working experience creating or delivering content 
  • Experience with cloud or SaaS technologies
    • Ability to work on multiple Saas platforms like Google Workspace, Workplace from Meta, Microsoft 365, Asana, Miro, Linkedin etc.

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