GoPomelo Google Maps Strategy Workshop

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We are supporting our customers in the optimized deployment of Google Maps Platform. Together with our local Google Maps team we will deep-dive in your current situation and seek opportunities together to help identify the business value that Google Maps can bring to your company.

Using Google Maps will help you

  • Make better decisions
  • Deepen user engagement
  • Streamline operations

Why work with GoPomelo on building your Maps strategy:

  • Local consultant helping with the implementation of Google Maps Platform in your applications
  • Experienced development team to build custom applications fully to your business needs
  • Certified Google Maps team who understand your industry and can go in depth on industry use cases
  • Ongoing improvement after Google Maps Go-live as the key to success!
  • Local billing with VAT and 15-day credit terms

In the last 2 years over 90% of the total data in the world has been gathered, 80% of this data has a location element attached to it, and only 1% of this data is being analyzed. Learn how you can start benefitting and be ahead of the competition by using location data for improved decision making, enhanced customer experience and optimized efficiency. Develop a location strategy for your company today together with GoPomelo in a strategy session with our local engineers.

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