Eng / Next Normal Customer Journeys with Twilio's omni-channel approach

Dealing with a crisis on this magnitude has revealed that many organizations were not prepared to deal with the rapid changes that followed. We’ve seen a massive shift to online and at-home experiences with customers seeking new interactions and experiences with their organizations.

The key fast-moving and forward innovations during these times have been tools that are cloud-based and accessible from anywhere. This doesn’t just apply to the way we run our company but also the way we make our services available to our customers.

Together with Twilio, we will share how your organization can benefit from an omni-channel experience across multiple channels and how AI can help you boost the availability of your Call-Centers.


  • Customer Support vs Call Centre
  • Why AI and Self-service is here to stay
  • Twilio’s Omni-Channel approach to map customer journeys
  • See the power of Twilio in action
  • Get up and running

Watch the session below

Next Normal Customer Journeys with Twilios Omni-Channel Approach (2020-12-14 at 21_58 GMT-8)

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