Eng / 2021 Are you ready for the Next Normal?

COVID-19 has had an immense impact on individuals, industries, and organizations. No organization is immune to its effects. The most relevant technologies for businesses in the next normal are cloud computing, better customer experiences, and automation. When asked about which technologies would be most relevant to the organizations in the future, many CIOs agree that cloud computing and automation are at the forefront. With all this in mind, users want access to data in a secure cloud that is accessible from anywhere in the world.

In this session, we will share Google’s Guide to innovation. How to unlock strategy, resources, and technology. The three essential concepts to help you and your teams better succeed in the future and ready for the next-normal.

Who should join?

  • Senior executives
  • Business leaders
  • Managers looking to optimize operations, reduce IT spend, make data more accessible, accelerate transformation.


  • Building agility into apps and infrastructure
  • Powering your business with data-driven intelligence 
  • Enabling better customer experiences through automation

Watch the session below

Webinar _- Speed up Innovation with Google Cloud  (2020-12-07 at 22_00 GMT-8)-1

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