Better Together with G Suite and Workplace

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Nowadays, organizations become more diverse, dynamic, and distributed than ever before. Industries and incumbents are being disrupted by new, more agile players, and businesses need to digitally transform to stay relevant. The success of a digital transformation ultimately comes down to people and how they work.  

Why G Suite and Workplace?

Many of the most innovative companies in the world have embraced G Suite and seen their employees become more agile, more data driven, more collaborative, more productive, more engaged. Workplace brings your communication, your work and your people, from frontliners to managers & CEO in one place.  

In this online session, we will share how you can enable truly everyone in your organization to embrace the “new normal” by making work seamless from wherever they are.

Who should attend:

Senior executives and business leaders looking for information on best practices for ways to have employees work together seamlessly from anywhere 

HR managers and executives wanting to digitally transform the way employees work and building a more connected organization.


  • Transitioning to “new normal” way of working 
  • Drive collaboration and productivity with G suite
  • Connect your community with Workplace
  • Better together

Date: Tuesday 18th August, 2020
Time: 2:00 pm  SGT 

All attendees will get Workplace & G Suite FREE for 30 Days, including an enablement session by GoPomelo.*

We look forward to welcoming you to our session and share how you can enable your company shaping the ‘new normal’ together.

* T&C apply