We help financial institutions meet the challenges of today and tomorrow with cloud solutions that create great customer experiences, transform data and core infrastructure and boost employee productivity.

Key Solutions Overview

Challenge Solution Our Success
Overwhelmed call centers, large effort on customer interactions Contact Center AI and automation with cloud telephony


Employees need to adapt to remote work and digital customer interactions Boost your team’s productivity with real-time collaboration tools

HLB, TL, Ocean Life

Limited scalability of core applications running on-premise and legacy systems lacking agility with high IT spend Streamline infrastructure management and shift focus to a strategic initiative


Customers demand more and expect seamless, bespoke experiences. Rapid-release modern application development with API management and Omni channel experiences.


Real-time data insights and AI tools
High-performance computing for real-time data insights and AI tools with managed, scalable infrastructure.


Key Solutions Details

Contact Center AI and Automation with Cloud Telephony

Solve for the following Challenges

  • Overloaded call and support centers with reliance on human interaction
  • Fragmented communication channels
  • Poor customer service experience and high customer churn
  • Costly and rigid IT infrastructure with inability to scale

Solution Overview


  • Connect with the bank in multiple channels
  • Receive updates across multiple channels
  • Multi-language
  • Voice/Text

Bank Operations

  • Provide voice/text automation with Google AI
  • Manage all channels in Twilio Flex
  • Integrate with ERP/CRM
  • Enhance services with data analytics at scale

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Real-time collaboration tools

Solve for the following Challenges

  • Fragmented workforce with Hybrid work environments
  • Difficulties in engaging with frontline workers at bank branches
  • Encouraging two communication at all levels of the organization and all times
  • Creating open culture and flow of information sharing
  • Security and compliance pressures for internal and external communications by the central banks

Solution Overview

Your teams

  • Real-time collaboration across documents, spreadsheets, presentations
  • Pure accessible cloud solutions across mobile and desktop.
  • Tap into no-code workflow builders to automate processes
  • Automate tasks and processes across all platforms

Your administration

  • Security and compliance at its core with ability to manage policies and monitor
  • Open extensible platform to integrate with your existing workflows and platforms
  • Remove burden on managing infrastructure, patches, upgrades with no downtime.

Our Success

Hong Leong Bank       Thai Life Insurance

Streamline infrastructure management

Solve for the following Challenges

  • Costly IT infrastructure based on legacy systems
  • Managing the mix of on-premise and cloud infrastructure
  • Managing capacity for periods of high strain on infrastructure
  • Lack of knowledge and capacity for in-house teams as cloud technology evolves quickly

Solution Overview

  • Streamline managed service infrastructure with shift of focus to strategic initiatives
  • Anthos to manage workloads across platforms and locations
  • Burst capacity with high-performance computing as required for risk analysis or advanced analytics
  • Managed services and certified engineers to supplement or enable your team

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Modern application development with API management

Solve for the following Challenges

  • Time to market and speed of development of applications
  • Customers demand digital banking tools to serve their needs
  • Regulatory and security concerns with going digital

Solution Overview

  • Contact Center AI to provide a brand-differentiating support experience via chat or voice
  • Apigee Open Banking solution to secure and expose traditional banking data services as APIs
  • Twilio Platform to provide omni-channel communications for customer interactions, security checks
  • Location based data to enhance customer experience and provide fraud detection
  • Agile enterprise development team to provide advance rapid release development

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Real-time data insights and AI tools

Solve for the following Challenges

  • Scale and infrastructure performance issues when querying large datasets
  • Security and operational complexity creates large business problems to solve
  • Regulatory requirements require ever increasing reporting compliance
  • Customers require innovative products and services
  • Risk management and process optimisation is increasingly more complex in digital environments.

Solution Overview

  • Certified Data Engineers to provide data platform development and consulting services
  • Scalable data warehousing with BigQuery with machine learning tools built in
  • Democratized data analytics with built in data governance with Looker.
  • Automate processes with Document AI and other machine learning tools

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