Make your supply chain resilient, sustainable, and transformative while improving customer experience with digital supply chain solutions.

Key Solutions Overview

Challenge Solution Our Success
Managing people, vehicles, vessels and other physical assets is complex. Visualize assets in real-time, and optimize with location-based related datasets.


Employees need to adapt to remote work and digital customer interactions. Boost your team’s productivity with real-time collaboration tools.


Complex process requirements a and silo’d systems slow down operations. Rapid-release modern application development with automation and AI.


Communicating with customers and distributed workforce is costly and fragmented. Omni-channel communications to mobilize workers and serve customers faster.


Getting actionable insights from large datasets is costly and slow.

Scalable data warehousing with AI tools.

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Key Solutions Details

Visualize Assets in Real-time and Optimize

Solve for the following Challenges

  • Effectively managing field workers to optimize their performance
  • Finding the optimum routes and delivery sequences
  • Understanding how related location data affects operations or customer services.

Solution Overview


  • Enhanced customer services.
  • Ability to track order fulfillment in real time.

Logistic Operations

  • Visualize complete workforce, vehicles, and vessels in real-time.
  • Assign or automate the usage of people and assets based on location.
  • Use location-based data to overlay with your own data to make informed decisions.

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Real-time Collaboration Tools

Solve for the following Challenges

  • Fragmented workforce with Hybrid work environments
  • Difficulties in engaging with frontline workers at bank branches
  • Encouraging two communication at all levels of the organization and all times
  • Creating open culture and flow of information sharing
  • Security and compliance pressures for internal and external communications by the central banks

Solution Overview

Your teams

  • Collaborate across teams anywhere, anytime.
  • Real-time collaboration across documents, spreadsheets, presentations
  • Pure accessible cloud solutions across mobile and desktop.
  • Tap into no-code workflow builders to automate processes
  • Automate tasks and processes across all platforms

Your administration

  • Security and compliance at its core with ability to manage policies and monitor
  • Open extensible platform to integrate with your existing workflows and platforms
  • Remove burden on managing infrastructure, patches, upgrades with no downtime.

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Modern Application Development with API Management

Solve for the following Challenges

  • Complex process management and need to go paperless
  • Time to market and speed of development of applications
  • Customers demand digital experiences and real time speeds and experiences

Solution Overview

  • Agile enterprise development team to provide advance rapid release development
  • Apigee API solution to manage and link siloed applications and data
  • Automation with AI and enhanced processing capabilities.
  • Location based data to enhance customer experience and provide fraud detection

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Ocean Network Express       

Omni-Channel Communications

Solve for the following Challenges

  • Back office processing is costly and labor intensive.
  • Customers require innovative interactions and services along with real time updates
  • Workers and customers are often distributed across devices and platforms making it hard to coordinate communications

Solution Overview

  • Contact Center AI to provide a brand-differentiating support experience via chat or voice
  • Twilio Platform to provide omni-channel communications for customer interactions, security checks
  • Enterprise Chatbots with natural language processing to automate processes and offer enhanced customer service.

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Real-time Data Insights and AI Tools

Solve for the following Challenges

  • Scale and infrastructure performance issues when querying large datasets
  • Security and operational complexity creates large business problems to solve
  • Customers require innovative products and services

Solution Overview

  • Certified Data Engineers to provide data platform development and consulting services
  • Scalable data warehousing with BigQuery with machine learning tools built in
  • Democratized data analytics with built in data governance with Looker.
  • Automate processes with Document AI and other machine learning tools

Our Success

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