Working in the "New Normal"

The global lockdown means all form of physical engagement becomes virtual. As we settle into our new norm of ‘business as usual’, everyone has to adjust to the routine of working remotely and remain following social distancing rules. It’s clear that every company is working remotely in a different way but at the end of the day, every company wants to achieve the most productivity and connected outcome of every day.

We pride ourselves being fully operational in the cloud, and therefore had little to no disruption in the way we work. Every organization is unique and together with your team we will understand your DNA to develop an ongoing collaboration strategy that fits your needs. 

This session will help:

  • Identify current tools and ways of working at your organization
  • Give an introduction to Workplace from Facebook
  • Share an ongoing “New Normal” strategy plan

After this 45-minute session, we will share your blueprint and use cases to get you started. in some cases, we enabled companies within a week. 


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