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Change the way you work

Connect your whole organization with familiar tools, helping everyone in your business turn ideas into action.

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WP 1.pngShare with the right people

Groups help you make decisions quickly and keep your team on the same page.


WP 2.pngKeep your data secure

Workplace is built on Facebook's powerful systems that keep more than a billion people's information safe.

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WP 3.pngGo live, any time

Live Video lets you broadcast to your whole business from the camera in your pocket.

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WP 4.pngWork together with other companies

Multi-company groups let you collaborate with people from any other business that uses Workplace.

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WP 5.pngUp to date, so you are too

News Feed shows you the most important things across your business as they happen.

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WP 6.pngDirect Messaging

With Workplace Chat you can reach all your colleagues instantly with chat, voice messages or video calls.

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WP 7.pngAutomate everyday tasks

Bots in Groups en Workplace Chat can help by automating messages and doing mondane work*. See also how GoPomelo uses the self created Reception bot here.

* Available in the Premium plan.


WP 8.pngConnect with tools you already use

Workplace integrations let you share, preview and organize files.

* Available in the Premium plan.

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WP 9.pngManage activity, maximize performance

Reporting and admin controls make it easy to set up, launch and manage your community*.

* Available in the Premium plan.


WP 10.pngFind what you need, fast

Search lets anyone across your business find people, group posts and files to get the answers they need.

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WP 11.pngStay connected, where ever you are

The Workplace app keeps you connected to all your conversations and notifies you about important updates and activity.


Please see the short video on Workplace below.

To learn more on how Workplace can transform , contact our sales team or have a look at our upcoming events.


Workplace Launch Packages and Services

To get the most out of Workplace we have specialised packages for Small and Medium sized enterprises that help you enable and execute Workplace flawlessly within 30 days. Next to this we developed a Visitor Bot, Admin support services and custom developments to enhance Workplace.

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