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Workplace Chat

Workplace Chat is a communications portal to your entire organization. It doesn't just get people talking, it's a rich and familiar space for teams to share ideas, make quick decisions and get work done.

More than just messaging

Workplace Chat is simple and familiar. Communicate with GIFs, stickers, emojis or an iconic thumbs-up. Send voice clips, run polls and even share your current location with colleagues if you're on the road.

Better business communication

Think Facebook Messenger. But for business. Workplace Chat has been designed to help you get things done. Hold one-to-one meetings with video chat so you can have that key conversation wherever you are. Or invite up to 50 people to video conference with rock-solid reliability. With unlimited file sharing, you'll never run out of space to make decisions.

Workplace Chat
Workplace Video Chat

Video chat

Have better team conversations using HD video calling with up to 50 of your colleagues directly on mobile or desktop.

Video conferencing made easy

Sometimes the personal touch matters. Make HD video calls at the touch of a button from Workplace Chat, and connect up to 50 people wherever they are in the world.


Create a private space to discuss projects, manage information and securely share documents with colleagues or clients.

Take control of collaboration

Groups are collaboration spaces where projects get done.
Assign tasks, share feedback, tag colleagues and post updates. Create as many groups as you need – all with secure file sharing and unlimited storage.

Bring teams together

Multi-company Groups enable people to collaborate with external teams, partners, suppliers and customers in a secure space. With threaded comments and easy document sharing, there'll be no more searching through old email trails to see who's on the hook for what.

Workplace Group
Workplace news feed-1

News Feed

News Feed is a personalized guide to what's going on in your business. So you can keep up to date with the information that matters – without getting distracted by the rest.

Business communication. Whenever, wherever

Businesses run on information. But it's easy to get overwhelmed. News Feed uses advanced AI to show you updates from the people and projects you care about in a scrolling stream of posts. So you can stay connected to your work, your team and the heart of your organization.

Post. React. Connect

News Feed will also make sure that your posts get seen by the right people at the right time. And with likes, comments and reactions, you can get instant feedback on the pulse of the business.

Drive cultural change

Futurify with Workplace

Workplace Org Chart

Org Chart

Find people in your organization, build connections or just put a face to the name. (Oh, and decide exactly how to reply to the message from that person you don't know.)

Build better relationships

The more people you add to a business, the more complicated it becomes. And nobody likes wasting time trying to figure out who to talk to in order to get things done.
Org Chart lets you quickly look up individual profiles and team information, so you spend less time scratching your head about who to ask for help and more time doing what you love.
It couldn't be simpler. Click on someone's name to go to their profile page and Org Chart will show you their location, contact details, manager, team structure and even their daily schedule.
Too much effort? Try hovering over a name and you'll be able to see most of these details without even clicking. It's like magic (but the kind of magic that needs data rather than a wand).

Live video

Show the team your best side with Live video broadcasts.

Put yourself in the frame

If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is priceless – and Live video is an entirely new way to think about communication. No more throwing a memo over the wall and hoping people notice. With Live video, you get instant access to your entire project group, team or company with real-time feedback in the form of comments or reactions.

From communication to culture

Live video is also good for culture. It's more immediate, direct and personal than traditional company comms. And because you can go Live from anywhere, it's a great way to share a hot take as it happens, or even give people a peek behind the scenes.

Workplace Live
Workplace Auto Translate


Forty-six languages. Zero effort. Become a truly global business with Auto-translate.

Transform global communications

Breaking the language barrier is key to becoming a global business. This is especially true for organizations with offices around the world. Too often, great ideas don't travel because teams simply can't talk to each other effectively.
Auto-translate makes global communication easy. When News Feed sees a post in a different language, it will offer to translate it there and then. No extra steps and no time wasted.

Unlock innovation – anywhere

Auto-translate uses the same machine learning technology that serves up 4.5 billion translations every day on Facebook – and it's improving all the time. So now you can talk business (or affaires or geschaft or ビジネス) in 46 languages.

Let's get started!

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