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The world of work is changing and moving fast. That's why companies nowadays are leveraging technologies to help empower employees' collaboration and communication from anywhere and anytime as well as the ability to access or share data and information easily with enterprise-grade security. Instead, organizations need to provide solutions and encourage the way employees use the tool to maximize and get the most out of the investment.

Watch our recording video for the exclusive webinar ‘Modernize Productivity and Collaboration, The Google Way.’ Explore in-depth from the Google Workspace experts at GoPomelo and Google as well as our special guest to share about how Google Workspace helps transform the company into the digital era.

Topics to be covered

  • Introduction
  • Google Workspace 
    • Collaborate from Anywhere
    • Connect Your Frontline Workers
    • Automate Processes with No-code Apps (AppSheet)
    • Google Workspace Data Security Standard
  • Customer Sharing Session by ONE
  • What's New in Google Workspace

Watch all Sessions below

1. Introduction & Collaborate Anywhere with Google Workspace

EN - EP1. Introduction & Collaborate Aywhere with GWS
2. Connect Your Frontline Workers with Google Workspace
3. Automate Processes with No-code Apps | AppSheet
4. Compliance Data Security

5. Customer Sharing Session by Ocean Network Express (ONE)

6. What's New in Google Workspace

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