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M15-10-19 Building Your Connected Organization with Workplace by Facebook

We believe that building connected organizations that are Open, Mobile, Visual, Integrated, Ubiquitous and Personalized is key to the future of work. 

When you put people at the center of digital transformation, you create an important shift of perspective

Yes, digital transformation goals should include revenue growth, innovation, customer-centricity, and product improvements. But the real change will happen when people become connected. Building a more connected organization is the underlying – and often under-appreciated - goal of digital transformation. Because nothing else makes a dime of difference unless people are connected at work.

By 2020, 35% of the workforce will be millennials, this group of next-generation workers (Millennials) is constantly seeking for challenging opportunities to develop new skills; they are taking big responsibilities and are searching for better ways to connect with the people in their surroundings. That’s why it’s essential for employers to understand the significance of a connected workforce. 

Join 30,000 others

Workplace is a platform that over 30,000 organizations use to transform their communications and culture. Companies as varied as Starbucks, AirAsia, RHB, and Booking.com. And by using Workplace they're not only shaping a culture of better collaboration, but they're also taking care of the wellbeing of their most precious resource: people.


  • The Surprising Ingredient That Makes Businesses Work Better
  • Your Future Workplace
  • The Power of Automation @ work

Tuesday October 15th, 2019
Time: 2.00 PM - 5.00 PM (Registration commences at 1:30 PM) 
Venue: Facebook HQ Malaysia

We look forward to welcoming you to our event and share how you can turn your company in a connected organization! 

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