Information Governance & Risk Management for Remote Work

Automated content moderation, compliance and qualitative insights for workstream collaboration


Integrate Aware with Workplace from Facebook

Archiving | Monitoring/DLP | eDiscovery | Retention | Legal Hold | Compliance | Sentiment Analysis | Trends & Insights | GDPR | Automated Community Management


Aware offers advanced controls and governance in order to enable all populations to participate in Workplace

  • Enforce ‘Acceptable Use’ policies for all, including frontline, regulated and BYOD employees
  • Gain visibility into open, closed and secret groups, as well as work chat and shared files
  • Track employee engagement, satisfaction, and other metrics
  • Maintain compliance with industry and company regulations
  • Remove accidental sharing of PHI/PII/PCI and other
  • Confidential information
  • Understand unionization conversations
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Provide valuable insights for internal comms and HR teams

  • Track the volume and sentiment of conversations across Workplace over time, down to the group level
  • Detect changes in the organization’s psychosocial and cultural health
  • Understand topics or concerns that are top-of-mind for employees, such as the coronavirus pandemic or union activity
  • Identify areas of your workforce that may be struggling and need additional support
  • Surface inappropriate employee behavior, such as discrimination or harassment
  • Gauge how important crisis communications resonate with employees


Satisfy legal and compliance stakeholders

  • Archive content in Aware’s intelligent, immutable archive
  • Legal holds & bi-directional data retention
  • Simple, efficient eDiscovery – find the needle in the haystack
  • Rules-based enforcement of industry regulations, such as HIPAA, FINRA and others
  • Easily comply with privacy regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA
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We know collaboration better than anyone

  • We integrate with leading platforms, including Slack, Microsoft Teams and Yammer
  • Govern all platforms from a single dashboard
  • We were founded by visionary leaders in collaboration, we know first-hand the benefits—and challenges—that stem from connected employees
  • We make sense of the unstructured, conversation data—allowing your team to focus on getting work done


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