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Cloud Search: The best of Google Search for your company

Every day, people around the globe rely on the power of Google Search to access the world’s information. In fact, we see more than one trillion searches each year. As we continue to invest in new cloud-based technologies like machine learning to power our web search engine, we want to help businesses harness the same technology to search for internal information.

Google Cloud Search allows employees of a company to search and retrieve information, such as internal documents, database fields, and CRM data, from the company's internal data repositories.

With Cloud Search, we’re bringing the best of Google Search to your business. Whether integrated with G Suite or third-party applications, Cloud Search helps your employees quickly, easily, and securely find information across the business

Topics to be discuss:

  • Bring the power of Google to enterprise with Cloud Search
  • Understand your enterprise search users
  • Third party integration with Cloud Search
  • Analyzing and managing enterprise search

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 Agenda T28-05-19 Cloud Search_ The best of Google Search for your company - agenda (1)Event details

Date: Tuesday, May 28th 2019

Time: 2.00 PM - 4.30 PM (Registration commences at 1:30 PM) 

Venue: Google Thailand (14th floor)

Language: Content will be delivered in Thai

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