Laqorr is a cloud based Content Management System (CMS) designed specifically for enterprise clients wishing to manage multiple screens and locations securely and easily from a single portal.

Login in, upload media files, schedule your content when and where you want it. Laqorr allows you to schedule by group, state, region or location. Dashboard functionality gives you clear status of all media players and screens; they are fully diagnostic with reporting capabilities so you can troubleshoot when needed.

Laqorr makes it easy to connect your network of digital displays, control your content and engage your target audience.

Cloud based

No servers or software to install, just connect your media player to the internet, log into Laqorr and start managing your content.


Laqorr allows you to set various defined roles and user permissions. Each user has a unique log in, password and user activity is logged and can be analyzed.


Laqorr uses SSL security over all browser communication and communication between media players and the server is authenticated & encrypted.


Laqorr’s user friendly interface makes it easy to upload and schedule content, create playlists, assign users and run reports.

Built for Enterprise

Manage multiple screens all from a single portal. There is no limit to the number of players or locations you can control with Laqorr.


We recommend running Laqorr on the Chrome platform, but it’s also available for Windows, Android and is WPA2 Enterprise compatible.

How Laqorr Works