This one-day course is prepared for you to learn and develop applications by using App Maker. You will be brought to go through a number of multiple techniques, how to implement application with best practices on App Maker.


  • Identify the purpose and value of App Maker
  • Interact with App Maker
  • Describe ways in which customers have used App Maker
  • Developing an App Maker application with a real use case
  • App Maker application deployment to your organization


This class is suitably allocated for business users or developers who would like to implement small or medium applications to solve business pain points or improve business processes.
Minimum 5 delegates, maximum of 15 delegates


Module 1: Introduction App Maker
  • Explain the advantages of App Maker
  • Define the components of App Maker and tools
  • Identify the purpose of projects on App Maker
  • List the methods of interacting with App Maker
Module 2: Models (Data)
  • Understand the purpose of Models (Data) on App Maker
  • Understand Model types
  • Data sources and Relationships
Module 3: UI (Pages)
  • Understand the purpose of UI (Pages) on App Maker
  • Understand UI types
  • UI Properties
  • Models and UI integration
Module 4: Scripts
  • Understand the purpose of Scripts on App Maker
  • Scripts, UI and Models Integration
Module 5: Deployment
  • Understand the purpose of Version control on App Maker
  • Understand the purpose of App Maker application deployment
  • App Maker application deployment methodology
Module 6: Security
  • Best practices for security on App Maker application
  • Best practices for App Maker project sharing
  • Best practices to secure app data on App Maker application
  • Best practices to secure UI (pages) on App Maker application


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Minimum 5 delegates, maximum of 15 delegates

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App Maker Development