This 1 day training is designed to give an overview of Manage User, Gmail, G Suite, Group, Mobile , Report, Security, Calendar, and Drive/Docs.


Before taking class, we recommend that you have a minimum experience managing a G Suite domain


  • Managing User and administration
  • Create new users manually, bulk, and via invitation
  • How to rename users, move users, add/remove nicknames, and suspend users
  • How to delete users, retain data files for deleted users, and restore recently deleted users
  • Using System Roles to delegate administration duties to users in a domain, including custom administration roles
  • How to reset a user password, force the user to change their password, and monitor the strength of user passwords
Managing Organizational units
  • How to create and use organizational units to manage users, groups, and security settings
  • How to manage G Suite services by organizational unit
G Suite services and organizational access
  • How to configure sharing settings, storage requirements for Drive
  • How to use Chrome policies for devices and users
  • How to manage domain and organization level settings for G Suite services
  • How to use reports to determine services use, troubleshoot system issues, and to improve domain security
Mail delivery, routing, and filtering
  • How to configure G Suite to manage mail routing
  • How to manage approved or reject sender lists and whitelist senders by domain and IP addresses
  • How to apply security best practices to email including transmit mail via a secure connection based on system rules
  • How to filter messages based on general compliance settings, content, and attachment settings
Calendar settings and resources
  • Create and share a group calendar, set-up calendar sharing options, and delegate calendar access
  • How to create and manage calendar resources
  • Mobile policies and device management
  • How to use G Suite Mobile Management to manage Android and Google Sync devices
  • How to reset user access and prevent access from a lost mobile device
  • Using exception groups to manage security options by organizational unit
  • Configure SSO, OAuth, and 2-step verification
  • Create a group that will be used as a shared mailbox for a group of users,
  • Q & A Forums, and distribution lists
  • Add, edit, disable, and delete a group, and prevent users from seeing other members of the group, and administer group roles
  • How to share docs, sites, and videos using groups
  • Using Groups for Business to manage permissions and group settings


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Minimum 5 delegates, maximum of 15 delegates

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