This 2-day course is designed to enable developers with the knowledge and tools to begin creating add-ons and any Web-based application on the Google Cloud Services.


  • Working knowledge of Javascript language
  • Google accounts
  • Minimum 5 delegates, maximum of 15 delegates


Day 1
  • Google Apps Script Development Overview
  • Google Apps Script Introduction
    • Type of Google Apps Scripts
    • Google Apps Script Editor
    • Your First Script
    • Development Environment
    • Events & Triggers
  • Extending Google Apps Functions
    • Google Spreadsheet Service
    • Read data from spreadsheet
    • Write data to spreadsheet
Day 2
  • Storing and Serving Data
    • Script and User Properties
    • External Database via JDBC
    • Content Service / Serving Data JSON
  • Menus And Users Interface
    • Customs menus in G Suite
    • Dialogs and Sidebars
    • Html Service
    • G Suite Services ( Google Drive, Google Spreadsheet, Google Mail, Etc)


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Minimum 5 delegates, maximum of 15 delegates

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G Suite Apps Script Training