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Far from being treated like ‘heroes’, new research shows that frontline managers feel less valued than ever. Download the report to get the real picture of life on the frontline during COVID-19.

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4. 7 Must-Do’s to Connect and Empower Frontline Workers


Connect your frontline with Workplace

When you connect the dots across your company, you can significantly improve communication, teamwork, and culture for frontline employees. See for yourself with these real-life success stories.



Keeping 70,000 employees at a Japanese manufacturing giant informed and engaged during a pandemic.

Harris Farm Markets

Harris Farm Markets

Feeding the culture at an Australian retailer by enabling frontline key workers to hear from the CEO.


Reduce the distance to frontline employees

Watch the video to see how you can share updates, get actionable feedback, and make frontline employees feel more valued with Workplace.


Bring your people together

Workplace is a communication tool that connects everyone in your company, including people who don't work in an office. If you'd like to learn more just request a free call and we'll be in touch.


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Why Workplace

Familiar. Mobile. Agile. Learn why Workplace works for frontline employees.

Enable Frontline Access

Build a truly connected company and give frontline workers access to Workplace with the Frontline add-on.

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Only people can lead you into the future. Employee Experience (EX) is how you help them. But although 84% of CHROs say EX is a priority, only 9% have a plan. Use these resources to get started

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