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The Future of Collaboration: Google Workspace & Workplace from Facebook

Nowadays, whether small or big enterprise companies, remote workers, freelancers, contracted and part-time employees have become a bigger part of the organization. Many organizations find it difficult to stay connected with their employees.

Most of the traditional workplaces are now considering facilitating their employees with the tools for convenient and effective communication and collaboration from wherever they are. Creating a better working experience and company culture for employees which will lead to higher productivity and retention.

Collaboration technology today comes in many forms to help transform into modern workplaces. At GoPomelo, we work with Google Workspace and Workplace from Facebook where it drives our culture of collaboration. We leverage these tools to organizations helping people to stay connected and collaborative no matter where they are.


  • Culture of Collaboration trend
  • Google Workspace
  • Workplace from Facebook
  • Future of Collaboration with Workspace and Workplace


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GoPomelo Webinar_The Future of Collaboration (cantonese)

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