GoPomelo Messaging & Collaboration solutions provide enterprises with a more efficient way to communicate. Whether you are using a mobile or desktop device, our tools provide a secure method to communicate and collaborate internally and externally.

Transform your workplace with digital tools from G Suite from Google for improved collaboration and connect your employees with Workplace by Facebook to:
  • Improve internal and external communication
    • Email Communication
    • Instant chat
    • Video conferencing
    • Town Hall Broadcasts
    • Customer Communities
    • Support portals and service management
    • Project Collaborations
    • Enterprise Document Management
  • Allow for real-time document collaboration from any device
  • Transform business processes
  • Attract, retain and nurture employees by providing tools that your employees love to use
  • Drive executive engagement with all staff
  • Support mobile and remote worker “virtual” requirements
  • Drive productivity in messaging and collaboration processes
  • Improve data security, reduce legacy IT costs & simplify IT management