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Building your "EX"

Many companies have accelerated the transformation into a digital space to work during the Covid-19 pandemic. With the expectation of employees being productive, engaged, and having an enjoyable work experience. However, we see that employers often focus on getting new technologies to enable short term need but forget to incorporate the office culture and experience. If you really want to lead and be successful in the Next Normal, a key focus should be a combination of employee engagement, experience, and culture. By developing the entire Employee Experience, bringing together all parts of the organization from HQ to the Frontline and creating an online work community.

Make an impact through technology which helps you bring communication and collaboration together. A single place where employees can leave feedback, improve the way they work, share wellness, get work done, and be a part of your connected community. This will give your people the best Employee Experience.

Join us Live in our webinar to learn about how putting your people first leads to an increased employee experience and better bottom line.

Why and Who should join #EX

Executives and Senior Leadership - Better and higher engagement of your workforce which is one of the common topics of discussions amongst leaders in the era we are living in.

HR and Comms Leaders - Hiring the right people, making sure employees are able to express themselves, growing your company culture and providing employees with tools to stay connected.


  • Putting People First
  • Why Employee Experience
  • Connecting everyone Workplace from Facebook
  • Build your connected organization
  • Q&A and Experience Session

Watch the Session below

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