Change Management

A major focus for GoPomelo is to provide support for end users transformation journey Ensuring your users have the right solution transition support is engrained in our culture.

By encouraging businesses to engage with change management and training campaigns to improve their users’ expertise, GoPomelo is committed to setting the stage for innovation.
GoPomelo, working closely with our Partners has a proven change management methodology and employs best practice techniques which have been refined through working with many G Suite customers.

Our change management programs include:

  • Readiness: Executive sponsorship enablement, user group segmentation, impact assessment, defining success metrics, user readiness surveys
  • Communications: Developing the elevator pitch, using multiple channels, ‘WIIFM’, project branding
  • Training: Certified training based on the needs of user groups with use of multiple formats and delivery methods
  • Leadership Consulting and support: ensuring our customers leadership team understand their role in transformation and providing business executive support to drive success at your business.
  • Go-live and beyond: Make go-live a fun event, have visible guides, feedback forum for users, post go-live tips and tricks, use case competitions.

By engaging in our change management programs, our customers can enjoy the ongoing customer success services. Our services don’t stop at Go-Live. GoPomelo engineering stays engaged to help drive:

  • Change management for new features
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Innovation labs to transform business

Why invest in GoPomelo Change Management services?

  • Improve ROI, adoption and transformation success
  • Reduce resistance to change and increase end user satisfaction
  • Enable leadership teams
  • Create and run innovation councils
  • Provide support for innovation
  • Drive business value via transformation

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