Google Drive is optimised for enterprise and collaboration. Google Drive is your base, let AODocs enhance your user experience.


Google Drive focuses on collaboration. We understand how critical safety and confidentiality is, especially for businesses. AODocs is a document management solution that can help you to keep track of critical business information and operations, thanks to a comprehensive audit log and advanced security policies.

AODocs makes it easy for your organization to get your ISO certifications or other industry standards with an easy to use workflow engine that will helps you to manage and secure document lifecycles, from creation to disposal.

AODocs will help you as well to meet regional or industry retention requirements with easy to implement retention policies that will make your data in Google Drive even more secured, and your company more compliant.

Value added

We believe you deserve the best out of your investment. We highly suggest pairing the speed of G Suite with the enhancement of AODocs.

Build and configure your business processes by yourself or with us, and deploy them quickly to your end users. Provide advanced document management features, including version control, document expiration dates, automatic notifications with no end-user training and the same great experience you’re used to with Google Drive and other G Suite apps.Fully tailored and configured advanced business logics with custom scripts for your enterprise, including multiple approval steps, customized notification emails and expiration dates.

Intelligent business records

Your time is valuable. Luckily, automating your process has never been easier. In fact, with just a few clicks you can configure a job interview process, a publication workflow for your operating procedures, or even a contracts management system.

Connect your workflows with your ERP or CRM to easily build powerful business applications with low code, and trade your legacy screens for the AODocs user experience.

Replace your legacy servers

AODocs offers all the features of Sharepoint Document Libraries and Lists integrated with Google Drive. It provides all the features you can find in a document management product like Microsoft Sharepoint, Lotus Notes, OpenText, and add the flexibility and the collaboration of Google Drive.

How Does AODocs Work?


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