Deploying cloud tools is not just an IT project, but rather a program that needs to align with the your overall business goals and drive change in legacy behavior. This will require a prescribed and deliberate investment over time as true innovation and user empowerment need a sustained focus on enabling technology, motivating people, and reinventing business processes.

Successful transformation requires more than just traditional change management. Users need to be empowered through the promotion of a new collaborative culture and by increasing productivity with redesigned business processes. Therefore, we talk about transformation as being the intersection of transforming customer’s technology (IT), people (users and culture), and process (business processes and procedures).

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The Transformation offering is an allotment of hours that are used to:
  • Understand the customer’s business goals or key challenges
  • Prepare and run a half-day Transformation Lab to help:
    • Inspire a customer and users to take action
    • Uncover business processes and areas that will derive the most impact from transforming
    • Rapidly prototype and build quick, easy-to-implement solutions
  • Create a project plan and track a pipeline of future projects and solutions
  • Execute on some of the easier, high-impact projects