Google Cloud Search Search for your company 

Google Cloud Search delivers the power and simplicity of the Google search engine into your business. Connect all of your enterprise applications into one unified search experience, allowing your teams to surface relevant information quickly, easily, and intuitively. 

Our enterprise search practice offers customized tools to help improve efficiency and productivity that help your business users to move at the speed of Google. This does not only allow your business to unlock the value of historical data, but also improve knowledge management within your enterprise. A consolidated enterprise search improves employee satisfaction and the business bottom line. 

How Google Cloud Search works in  your company.

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Cloud Search
  • One search solution for your enterprise
    • Index and search across on-prem and cloud-based data sources
    • Ensure document and data security 
    • Customizable based on user type and role in the organization
    • Consolidate knowledge management and data surfacing through a single pane of glass for all users

  • Our services including  
    • Custom connector development
    • Data management best practices
    • Deployment services
    • Search improvement services
    • Machine learning and AI integration

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Engineering Team

Quickly and easily access relevant information from any device at any time in one search location

Financial Services

Instant access to relative information needed with Chatbots

Call Center

Help agents respond more quickly to increase customer satisfaction


Government Service

Provide public records easily and securely

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Cloud Search

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